Molecular Biomarker

Molecular biomarkers have been defined as cellular, biochemical or molecular alterations that are measurable in biological media such as human tissues, cells or fluids. In practice biomarkers include tools and technologies are used for various purposes, including disease diagnosis and prognosis, prediction and assessment of treatment response and safety assessment also in the nervous system there is a wide range of techniques that used for taking information about the brain in both the healthy and diseased state. Biomarkers applications are in field of diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases, infections, immunological, some genetic disorders and cancer are well known. Biomarkers also assist in neuroscience to diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders and to investigate their cause. 

  • Protein Biomarker
  • Genetic Biomarker
  • Pathological Biomarkers
  • Cellular Biomarker
  • Biomarkers in Neurology

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